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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do I need a Security Guard?

A. Do you own a commercial or residential property? If the answer is yes, then you are ultimately responsible for anything and everything that happens on the premises. Crime number is expected to rise in the coming years due to economy conditions. Criminals are participating and operating in large organizations. Residential and Commercial properties are targeted for self gain. Police Departments are overwhelmingly busy to respond immediately as well as under staffed. This is where a security guard comes into role play to even things out. It's your primary duty to protect your property, business, employees, visitors, and vendors. By hiring 24/7 Security & Patrol, you can be rest assured your property, employees, visitors, and assets will be safe and sound. Our security officers are highly trained to deter, detect, and prevent illegal activity on your property. A visible security guard patrolling your property will automatically turn criminals away. Don't let your property be another statistic number. REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION AND QUOTATION FROM US TODAY! CALL +603 4045 7488


Q. I have a Commercial Property, how does hiring a Security Guard benefit me?

A. When it comes to having a Security Guard at your business site, many positives are the outcome. First off, by hiring 24/7 Security & Patrol, your employees will feel much safer. Our research department conducted surveys to businesses with a security guard on-site. We come to find businesses have maximized their revenues tremendously due to the fact that when employees feel safe, work productivity increases, which means revenues increase. Businesses that are guarded with a security officer results to productivity efficiency within the organization. The investment in a security guard has paid over and over again by itself. Not only will your business increase revenue, your overall property is protected from any illegal actions Visitors are greeted, directed, and escorted by our polite, professional, and courteous security guards. An on-site security guard will respond immediately to an emergency quicker than  your local law enforcement agency or your local emergency services.  At the end of the day when your business is getting ready to close, this is the perfect opportunity for criminals to trespass on your property and commit a crime. Having a guard after hours will help you feel relaxed after a long day at work without having to worry about your business. Our overnight guards will conduct inspection procedures such as: checking / securing all entrance access points, windows, gates, company fleets, parking lots, parking garages,  and much more. Having a guard monitor your business and assets throughout the night plays a vital role on the continuing success of your organization. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATION. CALL US TODAY! +603 4045 7488


Q. Can a Security Guard save me from lawsuits?

A. Yes. A security guard can protect you from possible lawsuits. Our officers are trained to detect any faults on a residential and/or commercial property from observations throughout their shift. Whether it be a safety hazard, water leaks, gas leaks, burned lights, uneven platforms, handicap malfunctions, and much more! These issues will be reported immediately to our client to be resolved and taken care of. Having a vigilant and observant security officer can save you from property damage and lawsuits.


Q. Is 24/7 Security & Patrol a licensed Security Guard provider?

A. Yes. We are fully licensed through the KDN and PPKKM. We can provide the proof on request.


Q. Are 24/7 Security & Patrol Guards registered with the KDN?

A. Yes. All of our security personnel are fully registered and licensed by KDN. By request of client, we will provide license registration copies prior to assignment at your site.


Q. What type of Insurance does 24/7 Security & Patrol carry?

A. We have an authorized insurance to support our services.


Q. What are your hours of service?

A. We provide service to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our management team is also available 5 days a week to our clients.


Q. How can I contact 24/7 Security & Patrol?

A. You can contact us at any of the following:


Office: +603 4045 7488

Fax: +603 4044 5067


Mailing Address:521A, 2nd Floor, Batu 3, Jalan Tiong, Off Jalan Ipoh, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Q. Why should I select 24/7 Security & Patrol to protect my property, employees, and visitors?

A. While there may be many other options you can choose from,  24/7 Security & Patrol has made it a priority to provide protection of excellence. Our dedicated efforts to provide quality service at affordable rates has been greatly praised by our Clients. Our management department has been committed to deliver service which satisfies our Clients needs. Our Research department has delivered the best prevention plans designed specifically for each Client site. Our Security Officers deliver excellent service to our clients. They are trained to deter, detect, prevent, and report any suspicious activity on your property. We provide 24/7 emergency response units and 5 days a week customer support.


Q. How does 24/7 Security & Patrol hire their employees?

A. When it comes to hiring Security Officers to represent 24/7 Security & Patrol, we are critical in our selections. Applicants are expected to complete a comprehensive employment application. Upon satisfaction, applicants are given examinations prior to interviews. Our interviewees are then carefully examined by our HR department to ensure required criteria has been met. We look for knowledge, experience, professionalism, excellent customer service skills, and most importantly applicants who pride themselves to serve and protect our clients.


Q. How does 24/7 Security & Patrol take care of their employees?

A. 24/7 Security & Patrol has made it a priority that our employees are well taken care of. We offer competitive pay rates, benefits, medical and much more. Depending on the post, we provide to our Officers batons, two-way communication radios, flashlights, cellular phones, pepper spray, and much more to keep our Officers safe and equipped in the field. Duty Officer check on the post on a daily basis to ensure officers are within compliance and secure in the field. Our hard working and dedicated staff deserve the best for the loyal service they provide to 24/7 Security & Patrol and our clients.


Q. How can I request a quote?

A. You may request a SECURITY  CONSULTATION AND QUOTATION by contacting us at +603 4045 7488 or by submitting a request online Click Here. Please provide all the required information and a representative will contact you shortly.


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