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            Eagle Eye Security & Patrolling Services is a fully licensed and insured Eagle Eye Security Guard Company. We are dedicated to protecting you and what you value. We give you peace of mind by taking away the stress and worry that comes with patrolling and loss prevention. We also offer superior services that outshine other security guard companies and are able to provide you with affordable rates, so everyone who wants to be protected is protected.


Due to the alarming increase in crime rates, it has become important for businesses to protect their employees, customers and property now more than ever. 24/7 Security & Patrol offers a diverse range of services to meet all of your needs including security patrol service, risk assessment plans and more.


As a Eagle Eye security guard company, we service many types of premises – both residential and commercial – such as corporate buildings, construction sites, school campuses, hotels, factories, shopping malls, homeowners associations, estates and many more. Don’t know if we cover a service? Just ask! We are more than happy to draw up a security program that’s right for you.


24/7 Security & Patrol is a security company that hires only the most professional and competent security personnel. We are here to serve and protect. When out in the field, we are fully equipped with radios and are outfitted with the best and most appropriate technology to keep you safe. Many of our security officers are active or retired law enforcement personnel. Rest assured, our guards are fully licensed, certified, highly trained and have undergone extensive background checks to meet our strict employee guidelines.



Scope of Work

  • Patrol designated areas
  • Monitor overall safety of premises
  • Prevent loss, damage, or misuse of property
  • Communicate via radio transmitting equipment
  • Provide information to public and visitors as directed

Mission Statement

To protect our valued Clients 24/7 while being Top Security Provider of quality Security Guard services and upholding our fundamental values of integrity, ethics and professionalism at all times.

Our Mission, Our Clients, Our World PROTECTED 24/7

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