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Security & Vehicle Patrol Service Division

Sometimes a site, business or property may require a higher level of visible security. That’s where our Vehicle Patrol Division steps in. Our marked/unmarked Vehicle Patrol Division is one of our most requested services. A roving vehicle patrol alerts the public of a security presence on your property, decreasing crime and increasing safety of the area. By hiring our Patrol Division, you can be sure you are in good hands with our professionally trained and well-equipped personnel. 24/7 Security & Patrol’s Patrol Division is strictly trained and specialized in vehicle patrols to give you the highest quality service of safety and protection. We will also work with each individual client and perform any other relevant tasks as needed.


We provide security patrols for:
  • Residential / Business property
  • Alarm Response (Armed & Unarmed Guards)
  • Secure Lock-up and Open Facilities Services
  • Property Checks and Reporting
  • Apartment Complexes / Condominiums / High Rise Buildings
  • Commercial / Industrial / Warehouse Building and Lots
  • Construction sites / Shopping Centers / Retail Stores
  • Much more!

24/7 Security & Patrol is an affordable security guard company and our vehicle patrol service is the ideal choice to meet and exceed all of your protection needs. Our Patrol Division prides itself in providing the best service to our clients. We believe you deserve quality protection.

Scope of Security Patrol Service Work

Because we pride ourselves in being honest and transparent, we want you to understand what exactly our Patrol Division does. Patrol units conduct vehicle patrols of assigned areas on your property. The patrol unit moves slowly, typically 5 mph, patrolling your site by using visibility to deter any unwanted activity. We have documented evidence that this method alone prevents 95% of crime. Using our Patrol Division is one of the most effective strategies to secure small and large perimeters.

Scope of Security Patrol Service Work

Every one of our Patrol Division units has met compliance with city, county, and state laws.

We provide security patrols for:
  • Flashing Lightbars- Displays our security presence.
  • Police Spotlights- Provides flexible lighting where it is needed.
  • Computerized Reporting Systems- Used to send and receive daily activity reports.
  • Radio Equipped Systems- Used to communicate criminal activity with dispatcher and local units.
  • Flashlights- Used to maintain high visibility during night foot patrols and tasks.
  • Jumper Cables- To assist client personnel when a helping hand is needed.
  • Reflective Decals- Used only for marked vehicles for night presence.
  • GPS Tracking Systems- Used to monitor and track each officer's location and vehicle speeds.
Vehicle Inspections

Prior to dispatch, each of our vehicles are carefully inspected inside and out by our Patrol Supervisor to verify all functions are working properly and in accordance to our safety standards. Then, each unit is washed and readied for dispatch to our clients’ site. 24/7 Security & Patrol believes a sharp, clean and safe patrol vehicle reflects authority and professionalism.

Patrol Drivers

Each of our patrol officers have gone through detailed and comprehensive driving history checks to meet our strict standards prior to being placed on assignment. Our Patrol Division consists of uniformed patrol guards trained in special deterrence tactics, as well as advanced report writing for all documented activity. Each patrolman possesses a minimum of two years’ experience of vehicle patrol expertise.

Report Writing

Our Patrol Division is specially trained to write comprehensive yet concise reports on all activity throughout each officer's assigned shift. All issues that result to public safety will be reported immediately to the field supervisor. Then, the field supervisor delivers that information promptly to the Operations Manager where reports will be addressed accordingly to our client.


24/7 Security & Patrol has conducted critical research of our Marked Vehicle Patrol Division. We have found that our patrol units eliminate 95% of crime. This analysis includes but is not limited to vandalism, vehicle break-ins and theft, trespassing, arson, illegal parking, loitering, and much more. We continue to excel in our research to design customized systems for each site. Our research department is proactive in crime prevention to guarantee our clients are safe and protected in this rapidly changing world. Protecting our clients 24/7 is not just our goal, it’s our mission.


At the request of the client, we can provide golf cart patrols and/or bike patrols - whichever fits the environment and is appropriate for the client's property. Whether you want security patrol service, a Hayward/Fremont security guard, Bay Area security guard, San Jose security guard company or San Francisco security guard company, we are here to help any time of day or night. Our Bay Area 24-hour dispatch ensures you’ll reach us when you need us most.


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